The Brattleboro Hockey Association (BHA) has been in existence for over 30 years with the purpose of developing self-esteem, social skills and character along with skating and related hockey skills of area youth. The BHA also serves as the feeder program

November 12th
Here is some important information for the season that is scheduled to start on 11/21! Please don't skim, as everything here is VERY important so we can have a fun, safe and long hockey season! 
  • Return to the Rink Plan: This is a MUST READ for all families. Each family needs to do their part so we can keep on the ice! 
  • Season: The season will run later in March, due to our late opening.
  • Optional Parent Information Meeting via Google Meet: Thursday, November 19th at 8pm. A meeting link will be sent to registered families. 
  • Remember:
    • There are few spectators allowed this season, and all related to children's needs. See the Return to the Rink Plan for details. 
    • Masks MUST be PROPERLY on at all times, including on the ice.
    • We MUST follow the signs at the rink on where to put on skates, where to leave your shoes, where to enter the ice, where to change out of your skates, and where to exit. Remember, you MUST arrive at the rink with your gear on (less skates, helmet and gloves).
  • Out of State Players: Current guidance does not permit out of state players to participate. We will be in contact with our NH and MA families.
  • Fees: The fees will remain the same for this season. We will be taking a SIGNIFICANT loss this year due to not having the Green Mountain Tournament income. We also, currently, can not accept our out of state players, so we are losing that income as well. We, however, decided to still run the program, knowing how much these kids need the social interactions and some sense of normalcy in these difficult times. 
  • Screening: Will occur at the door. Please do not drop your child and run, until after they have passed the screening.
  • To Get on the Ice at the First Practice:
    • You must have a USA hockey number. You should receive an email from Morris Kimura if you need to submit. 
    • You must submit your first and second payment. You may pay with a check at the first practice. Checks (made out to the BHA) go to Sam Betit. No one else on the board can accept a check. You can also make a payment online.
As always, remember, everything changes VERY quickly! So be prepared for last minute and regular adjustments! 
Thank you everyone for doing your part to make the best experience possible for our kids!
BHA Board
November 1st



Reminder:  registration closes on 11/6. If we have space for late registrations on certain teams, we will accept them on a first come, first served basis. 


We understand that this is a tough time to ask families to make a committment. We realize that some families do not feel comfortable with their children playing hockey this season. We realize each family needs to make choices that they are comfortable with. 


Please be aware of our reopening plan, and that your child must wear a mask at all times, even during active play on the ice. 


ACCD 9.1 was updated this week. There are many changes, that will impact our season, and require us to replan. We will be discussing these at our 11/10 board meeting. Below are two major changes:

  • Non-Vermont players may only play in a given week if their county is "green" on the VT travel map on Tuesday. So, essentially, your participation will be determined on a week to week basis. 
  • Games can only be played in Vermont against Vermont based organizations. 


BHA Board

September 25th
We have been notified that the rink will not open until 11/21. There is a possibility that the rink will stay open later in March.
Therefore, we are postponing our 10/3 rink event! 
Our next board meeting will be on 10/8. We will set a new date for getting loaner gear. We will also be discussing the impact of the rinks opening and closing date on our budget, and make initial decisions on an adjustment to the overall fees. We will send an update after the meeting.
BHA Board


September 21st 

Here is some important information for your families after our board meeting last week!
  • Registration is OPEN
  • The rink is currently scheduled to open on Saturday, 10/24.
Saturday, 10/3 from 10am - 12pm
  • Come to the rink to see what you can borrow for gear for the season. We will be measuring players outside and bringing gear outside.
  • Pay your second payment, which is due on October 24th.
  • Get your free water bottle from Pure Hockey!  
Safety Plan:
Please read the BHA Returning to the Rink Safety Plan. A few revisions are in final edits. This document should be updated by next weekend.
  • A key change in the above document is that ACCD 9.1 now requires athletes to wear masks at all times, even on the ice. 
  • CCM has designed a mask that meets the mask mandate, but the mask is attached to the player's helmet instead of their face. They have a player version and a goalie version. You can pre-order these masks. 
We need at least 2 team manager volunteers per team (4 for squirt aged) who would be willing to share the following tasks:
  • Screen players upon arrival
  • Communicate with families and our Safety Coordinator regarding COVID-19 concerns
  • Timekeep for games
  • Sit in the penalty box for games with Referees
  • Communicate with families
Volunteering would require you to complete some training. See this LINK for details. If you are interested, please reply to this email.


  • Returning coaches who have completed their new requirements, please fill out this LINK. We need this to be filled out prior to the start of the season. Questions? Email our coaching director, Andrew Dick at 
  • If you are interested in coaching, please reach out to our coaching director, Andrew Dick at 
Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! 
BHA Board
September 4th
The information we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!! Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development ACCD Section 9.1 has been updated! This Vermont State regulation governs travel into and out of Vermont. As a member of the Vermont State Amatuer Hockey Association (VSAHA) we are obligated to follow this regulation.  The regulation informs BHA's ability to play games with teams that are not members of VSAHA.
We have created a BHA Returning to the Rink document. This will be updated regularly. There are updates that will need to be made to align with ACCD Section 9.1 and the rink guidelines, both of which were released on September 2nd. It is important that families read this information prior to registration. 
Registration is now open! The terms of payment are as follows:
1/3 due at registration
1/3 due before your player gets on the ice
1/3 due by 12/1/20
Fees are non-refundable. If  the State of Vermont cancels the hockey season or the rink permanently closes mid-way through the season we will try to give families a rebate (or credit towards next season). The amount of the rebate will be determined after deducting the expenses the BHA is obligated to pay.
All scholarships and discounts are applied to the last payment(s).

Scholarships are available for this program, which can cover a significant portfion of the fee for players. Scholarships are awarded based on family finances and availability of scholarship funds. Click here to fill out the scholarship form. Awards are strictly confidential and are offered on a first come first served basis.

Please remember to consider applying even if you have not applied in the past but your family has special financial considerations, including impacts of COVID-19.

Questions: Contact George Anthes at 

If you have any old jerseys you would be willing to donate to the BHA, there are families we could pass your jersey along to. Please reply to this email if you would be willing to donate a jersey.
Why was the ACCD Section 9.1 release so important?
This update allows our organization to play games, not only in VT, but outside VT in counties that are eligible for quarantine-free travel (green counties on the Cross State Travel Information). 
Why is this important? Our co-ed teams have been playing in the GSL for many years, as the commute for our families to most VT games is over two hours. We want our families to enjoy the hockey experience with reasonable travel times. The GSL league was able to provide our coed teams with this opportunity. 
We will still not be able to commit our co-ed teams to the GSL league, due to VT restrictions. However, we have identified 9 organizations (including some GSL teams) within a reasonable commute. We have reached out to these organizations and plan to create an independent game schedule this season, which aligns with what all VT hockey hockey organizations are doing this year. The main goal being to create a fun, safe hockey experience for our children and families. 
Finally, the ACCD Section 9.1 has regulations surrounding masks and checking.
We will be in touch with more updates after our September 15th board meeting!
Please feel free to email if you have any questions.
BHA Board
August 26th
Hello BHA Families! 
We had another board meeting last night, and we are confident that we will be able to pull off a fun and safe hockey season! 
Here is what we know:
  • Our season will start on October 24th, when the Nelson Withington Rink opens. There will be no preseason practices, enjoy the Fall sports! 
  • Our season will end on March 7th, when the rink closes. 
  • We have a draft practice schedule that keeps the practice ice touches the same as last season. We will be working on it again at our September meeting and we will not have a draft to share with families until then.
  • There will not be multi-group ADM practices this year, so as to keep cohorts separated. The ADM style is considered best practice by USA Hockey, and we hope to bring it back in future seasons. 
  • Due to Vermont State Travel Restrictions and ACCD Section 9.1 guidance, our co-ed teams will not be able to play in the GSL this season. We will be putting together an independent game schedule. 
  • We have a few changes to make to our registration form, then registration will be opened. You will receive an email to notify you when it is open.
  • The payment policy has been updated and will accompany the email notifying you of the opening of registration.
What we are waiting on:
The state is working on the revisions to ACCD Section 9.1 that we need to follow. We have a good idea of what the revisions will be and know what is being worked out before the release. Once this is released we will be able to tell you about:
  • Away games. We believe we will be able to keep a majority of our co-ed away games within an hour commute.
  • BHA Returning to the Rink Safety Plan. This is ready to release after we verify that it matches the revisions to the ACCD Section 9.1
Be on the lookout for more updates coming with the release of the ACCD Section 9.1. The next BHA board meeting will be on September 15th. We will keep you posted after that meeting as well! 
We are excited for a hockey season with your families!
BHA Board
August 7th


August 6th
Hello BHA Families!
We had a meeting last night to continue the planning process for the 2020-2021 hockey season! Here are the updates!
Rink Opening:
The rink is opening! We are working with the town on the ice schedule, which is typical for this time of year. We will be working with the town to follow and develop safety protocols such as use of locker rooms, entrance/exit, etc.
We will open registration at the end of August, after our next board meeting.
We will have the same fee schedule as last year. 
Novice: $315
Mites: $675
Squirts: $1125
Peewee: $1150
Bantam: $1250
Girls: $575
We will have practices and it should be a similar schedule prior seasons! This will ensure that our players develop their skills throughout the season. We are working on what practices will look like and considering all the latest VT state guidance.
We are hoping to have games with other teams, and perhaps even join a league. There are meetings in mid-August for the New England District Hockey, the GSL (Greater Springfield League) and VSAHA (Vermont Hockey Association). We are also staying current on the guidelines from the state that influence the games we can play outside of our organization. The guidelines we need to be sure to follow are:
All guidelines and recommendations that we are working with can be found on the VSAHA Website.
We have made some changes for this hockey season only. We will re-evaluate all decisions on a regular basis, using the most current guidance:
  • There will be no Green Mountain Tournament (GMT) :(
  • We will not be able to loan out gear from "the closet" when players forget something. We will be developing a process to help families that need to borrow gear for the season. Stay tuned! 
  • Double rostering (playing on two hockey teams simultaneously) will be limited to only those who are playing with a different hockey organization within the state of Vermont.
  • At this time we will not be having preseason September practices in Greenfield as we have done for travel teams in the past. Enjoy the Fall sports season! 
We want to continue to remind families of our scholarship program that will help with the cost of hockey. Please remember to consider applying even if you have not applied in the past, but your family has special financial considerations, including impacts of COVID-19. Scholarships are confidential, only the chair of the scholarship committee, President of the BHA and our bookkeeper are privy to the scholarship recipients. Scholarship information can be found on our website, and you can begin filling out applications! Questions can be directed to the scholarship chair: George Anthes ( ).
A Family Resource:
This was a great resource on the VSAHA site for families to consider when restarting sports. We have looked at this information as well at our meeting. 
Please stay tuned for more information at the end of August. We can not wait to get back on the ice and make another safe, fun, memorable hockey season for our children!! 
BHA Board